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Flexibility workshop

In this flexibility workshop you will learn what it takes to lift your strength, agility and balance to a higher level. You will experience what you are already capable of and what you can do to increase your flexibility, while challenging your muscles and ability.

This workshop is given by Sage Isabella from the USA.

Bio: “Sage is a 27 year old American PhD student at the University of Twente. During the pandemic she began learning contortion from the world renowned contortionist, Hannah Finn. She has trained over a hundred hours of contortion and learned how to communicate and understand advanced flexibility training. She is certified by XPERT Fitness to teach Flexibility Flow and Pole 1&2. Sage began teaching exercise and stretching classes when she was 11 to her family on vacations. May 2021 she began teaching online classes to students all over the world. She loves helping people better understand their bodies and safely reach their personal goals.”

All our lessons are given in small exclusive groups. In addition to personal attention, there is a lot of room to work on the right techniques and thus prevent injuries and achieve goals. Pay attention! The workshop will be given in English but there will be enough time for mutual translation if necessary.