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Sporttease is a combination of striptease dancing in a sporty way. You don’t strip off completely, but it’s just ‘teasing’. By alternating movements between the pole and the ground, paying attention to choreography, but also your sensuality (think of burlesque dancing, for example) you feel sexier than ever as a woman.

This 6 week course is taught by spontaneous girls who help you to bring out your femininity. Each 6-week course has a theme, such as Burlesque, Chairdance or Sensual Movement. Beside, sufficient attention is paid to the right techniques and movements and we certainly do not forget to have fun.

All our courses are given in small exclusive groups. In addition to personal attention, there is a lot of room to work on the right techniques and thus prevent injuries and achieve goals. Beside, we think it is especially important that you feel comfortable and at ease, so that you start moving naturally.