Studio Nienke

Move your body, get in shape and have fun!

Would you like to develop more strength, flexibility and self-confidence?

Get to know a unique and exclusive concept that makes women happy. We hope to receive you soon at Studio Nienke.

Get moving and feel optimally feminine

Studio Nienke is the dance studio in Enschede where you can go for various lessons, workshops and courses, such as pole dance, booty workouts, stretch class or twerk. But also the place to be for personal training.

Are you looking for a place where you can dance, exercise and have fun at the same time?

Then you’ve come to the right place at Studio Nienke. We want you to feel comfortable as a woman and to be able to move accordingly. Dance and move in a nice environment where you can be yourself.

What can you do at Studio Nienke?


Do you want to organize an original bachelor party or girls outing? 

Check out our wide range of options for an unique party.

Personal training

Do you finally want to go ahead and take good care of yourself by exercising and eating healthy? Nienke is happy to help you personally with individual training and tailor-made advice.

Booty Building online training

Would you like to get rid of your flabby buttocks and a firm booty in combination with healthy food? Then follow my online Booty Building program, wherever and whenever you want.

Women's Flow course

Would you like some ‘Me-Time’ and more depth? Treat yourself with this unique experience! “Every woman naturally has it in her to enjoy her sensuality and sexuality and to move in her own flow”

Studio Nienke

Studio Nienke is ‘the place to be’ when it comes to pole dancing, but also for other (sensual) dance movements and customized personal training. Studio Nienke is an initiative of Nienke Bruynesteyn. Together with her passionate team, she mainly wants to motivate others to move, to feel good and above all to have fun.

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